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We’ve been using SiteGround now for close to 9 months or so and found it to be very good indeed for standard web hosting. We’re using their GoGeek plan (since they sent through a fabulous offer to upgrade from GrowBig) and the price is very good indeed when you sign up for a year or more in advance. Given our experience with SiteGround we’ve decided to put together some answers to frequently asked questions about SiteGround;

Does SiteGround Use cPanel?

No. SiteGround used to use cPanel, and they had some pretty good customizations in place to make things easier for customers. They now use their own home grown control panel called Site Tools. As such, a lot of the How-To articles you’ll find online don’t work any more as they’re geared around the cPanel setup of yesteryear. I know this because we wanted to access some of the cPanel API to automate some processes. It’s not possible anymore because Site Tools is not cPanel based.

Does SiteGround Offer E-Mail?

Yes, absolutely. If you’re looking for an e-mail solution that is not one of the privacy guzzling behemoths out there such as Google (GMail) or Microsoft (Outlook) etc then SiteGround might be a way to do that. But there is a bit of a caveat in that whilst you’ll be in full control of your data you will need to set it up yourself and you will need a domain of your own.

Fortunately, SiteGround’s Site Tools make it very easy to set up, and registering a domain is really easy too. If you keep it all within SiteGround then it’s pretty straightforward. And then you’re not giving your e-mail data to be sold to other companies.

Having said that, there are probably cheaper options around for just e-mail service. Something such as ProtonMail is free for 1 e-mail address and doesn’t require a domain registration.

Does SiteGround Offer Free SSL?

Yes. Free SSL is offered by SiteGround using the LetsEncrypt platform and is incredibly easy to setup on your hosting plan. Even the basic plan offers free LetsEncrypt. Perhaps importantly, it’s all integrated into their system and once setup is pretty much set and forget. You can setup either just www.yourdomain or you can setup what’s known as a wildcard certificate which is is secured.

Does SiteGround Offer Free Domains?

No, to our knowledge SiteGround does not offer free domains with their hosting plans. This is probably a good thing, as it’s sometimes better to keep the domain registration separate from the hosting plan. Also, a domain registration is only going to last for a year, whereas you may pay for 1, 2 or 3 years up front to obtain the best discount from SiteGround – so the timings may not align. SiteGround’s domain registration fees are pretty much comparable though.

Does SiteGround Accept Paypal?

No, SiteGround does not accept PayPal. Only credit card.

Does SiteGround Use Or

WordPress itself is open source software available for download at is a blog / website hosting service that uses WordPress to provide its service.
SiteGround is a blog / website hosting service that uses WordPress to provide its service. is a website that provides the WordPress software for download. Both and Siteground use this software, though’s version is heavily customized.

So the question is a little bit of a misunderstanding. However, the simple answer is that SiteGround uses the software. is a separate entity that uses a customized version of WordPress. The WordPress parent company Automattic also own and provide a hosting service.

Does SiteGround Sell Domain Names?

Yes they do. All the major TLDs are supported, such as com, org, net and Various other domains are also available such as .shop, .online, .guru and .tips to name just a few. The prices at SiteGround aren’t the cheapest but they’re not bad either. I’m pretty satisfied that you’d get better support from SiteGround than some of the cheaper offerings available.

Does SiteGround Use Apache or NGINX?

The answer to this question is likely to be highly fluid. The answer is correct as at today ( 11th May 2020 ) but it’s part of SiteGround’s internal business decisions and may not be valid tomorrow or the day after. At the moment, my understanding is that SiteGround uses Apache for serving dynamic content such as that created by WordPress and uses an NGNIX caching engine in front of that to speed up serving. Static resources such as images, stylesheets etc are served directly by NGINX.

Does SiteGround Have a Webmail Client?

Yes they do. They (currently, at time of writing) use the Roundcube webmail client. Roundcube is a well featured webmail client which can also house your contacts for easier composition of mail. The method of accessing webmail at SiteGround is a little awkward though. You’ll need to access it through the SiteGround Site Tools, at least initially, though once you’ve accessed it once you can bookmark the location for future access attempts.

Further Information About SiteGround

SiteGround is an excellent web hosting provider – we’ve written an article reviewing SiteGround Web Hosting over on our sister site at Most Useful Information. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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